Spring Time Model Calls (DeRidder, La)

You’ve heard it was coming and it’s finally here, I am doing model calls (DeRidder, LA) in March. I will need quite a few different children for a few different shoots. This is how it will work. You fill out the form, where I will pre-register you for your online gallery you can view a few here. Once your online gallery is setup, we will schedule your shoot, at your shoot you will be given a copyright to print your pictures, about two weeks later you will receive an email with a PIN number to download your pictures. The shoots will be at my studio in DeRidder, La. Continue reading “Spring Time Model Calls (DeRidder, La)”

Simple Valentine’s Day Backdrop


This year for my Valentine’s Day Backdrop I decided to go with something simple.  I didn’t want something too extravagant that I was going to have to worry about hyperactive two years olds destroying it, but I didn’t want to go with just a plain vinyl backdrop either. So I decided to go with what I call an “interactive background”. Something I didn’t have to worry about, something they could play with. Continue reading “Simple Valentine’s Day Backdrop”

Senior Pictures Gone Crazy

When I talked to this mom about doing something different for her senior the ideas that we came up with sounded crazy! We decided we would go with the trash the dress theme. They went to the local thrift store and grabbed a couple of beautiful dresses that they didn’t mind getting dirty!  I had a blast with these out of the box ideas.  Continue reading “Senior Pictures Gone Crazy”

Redwing Park Summer Family Portraits

As a photographer, there is nothing better than taking pictures of a beautiful family out at the park who just happen to be some of your closest friends. When Heather told me she wanted me to take pictures for her family, I was over the moon with excitement.  We had a complete blast taking these photos and it was pure enjoyment watching her family and all the love they have for one another.
Continue reading “Redwing Park Summer Family Portraits”